A day with the huskys

You want to plan something really special for your vacation, an unforgettable experience for your and your beloved ones?
We have exactly what you are looking for.

  • Together with a guide from the TVB you will take a hike to the huskys and their musher Erwin.
  • At a hot fireplace you will be served punch, to also keep you warm from the inside.
  • After the introduction to the sleigh and the dogs, the ride can begin. Enjoy the close up with the animals.
  • Be fascinated by the story Erwin tells you about his lovely huskeys. Have an unforgettable experience with the dogs with the deep blue eyes.

…more infos about Erwin and his huskys you will find here

Price per person: € 25,00

Max.  number of participants: 15 persons per day (sign in early enough)

Sign in at: 0043 50509 – 210 or soell@wilderkaiser.info

Please note: warme clothes and solid shoes are obligated