Climbing in the Wilder Kaiser region

Hanging on rock faces looking for the next hold, climbing peaks and rappelling down from great heights. Hardly any other sport is more connected to mountains and rocks than climbing.

With its numerous peaks, different rock formations and steep rock faces, the Wilder Kaiser region is one of the most famous climbing areas in the Alps. Many professional climbers appreciate the region for its variety of spectacular climbing routes, but you don’t have to be a professional to be able to buckle up a climbing harness on the Wilder Kaiser.

There are now climbing routes in our region for every taste and skill level. This is exactly why a climbing holiday with us in Söll is probably the perfect option. Yes, even when the weather is bad, your climbing holiday doesn’t have to fall through, because the climbing hall in Ellmau and the bouldering and climbing halls in the surrounding towns are ideal alternatives to open-air climbing.

The best would be nice, not too hot weather, so that the rocks can be climbed in the fresh air. In addition to countless alpine multi-rope routes and various via ferratas, there are also several climbing gardens with a variety of sport climbing routes.

We would like to introduce you to the 5 climbing gardens in the region in more detail:

Kaiser climbing garden
The Murmeltierfelsen and the Gamsfelsen offer a total of 17 climbing routes in the levels of difficulty UIAA 3 to 7. The Kaiser climbing garden is ideal for beginners, children and young people who want to practice the right technique on the rock first.

Climbing garden Achleiten
With over 120 sport climbing routes and levels of difficulty from 4b to 9a+, the Achleiten climbing garden is the top address for experienced and ambitious climbers.

Climbing garden Multerkarwand
Both beginners and experienced climbers will find ideal conditions on the 31 routes, 14 of which are multi-rope routes. With beautiful water grooves and slab routes, the left side of the wall is suitable for beginners. More experienced climbers will find wonderful sport climbing routes of medium difficulty to the right.

Climbing garden Schleierwasserfall
With its 60 meter high rock dome, this climbing garden is the perfect place for extreme climbers. Among the more than 200 routes are some of the toughest in Europe. There are rarely so many in one place in another place.

Wilderer Kanzel Climbing Park
The 33 routes of the Wilderer Kanzel not only impress with tours of all levels of difficulty, but also with a wonderful panorama. With tours up to 25 meters long and up to UIAA 10 difficulty, there is something for everyone here.

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