Hotel Tyrol Söll

Wellness in Tyrol – Spoil yourself and your body. Relax in our comfort areas, especially after a full day of activities. Relief stress in our finnish Sauna or the romanian steam bath. Calm down in our infrared cabines. Opening times: daily open in winter, for use in the summer – please look at the plan or ask for more information.

Pure relaxation at the Hotel Tyrol

Sit and Sweat

Zirben Sauna
Going to the sauna does its job at cleaning your body and improving your health. Most of all, it should help for making you feel good.

Romanian Steam Bath
Also called Caldarium, another sort of sauna.

Infrared Cabine
Supports your blood circulation. Step for step the warmth from inside is transformed to the outside of our body (muscles, fat area, bones, joints etc.) That way, the warmth can reach from the deepest inside to the outer body, also called “deep heat”. The whole body gets warm. Recommended with back pain and tensions in muscles

Massages and Warmth-Therapy

Even a short massage helps the body, the spirit and the soul to relax completely. It leads our body to detox itself and makes us feel good.

Sun in the Solarium
Sunbathing in our solarium has, if it is used with care, a positive effect on our bodies. The warmth helps us to relax, it helps against a bad mood and makes us happy.

Experience Shower
The most simple and relaxing massage comes out of our showerheads. A consciously enjoyed shower can lead to stress release and a good feeling in general.

Swim and Train

Pool and Lawn area
Swimming counts to the healthiest leisure activities and is one of the sports with the smallest risk of getting hurt.

Train your muscles, test your endurance on our several fitness supplies – who says you can’t stay fit during your holiday?