Söll – A Village with Origins

Welcome to the first episode of our three-part series, where we take you on a historical journey through the charming Tyrolean village of Söll. In this first episode, we explore the origins of this picturesque village.

Nestled amid the breathtaking landscape of Tyrol, surrounded by the majestic Wilder Kaiser, Hohe Salve, and Pölvenstock, lies Söll. This idyllic refuge traces its roots back to 600 AD, evident in old farmsteads bearing “-ing” in their names. The first official records of Söll date back to 1153-1156, when the farms (Lower) Straß in the Söll district of Pirchmoos were mentioned in a traditional note from Herrenchiemsee Monastery. The origin of the name “Sel,” which later became “Söll,” may come from the Middle High German word “selida,” meaning “inn,” “place,” or “house.”

Stay tuned for the second episode, where we focus on the times of rule and war in Söll.

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