The summer at the Wilder Kaiser – a breathtaking experience.

Not only in winter, but also in summer, our region offers a variety of wonderful excursions, exciting activities and breathtaking landscapes – pure nature! The four villages around the Kaiser, Ellmau, Going, Scheffau and Söll, are located in the nature reserve of the Kaisergebirge and have the Austrian Hiking Seal of Approval.

Mountain bikers, hikers and climbers will find here their dream paradise surrounded by panoramic trails and a huge selection of mountain tours. Anyone who likes to throw in their bathing trunks in the summer will definitely get their money’s worth, because bathing in crystal-clear mountain lakes is part of our daily routine. Of course, families will not be neglected – six different exciting mountain adventure worlds and our living traditions will ensure an exciting and authentic holiday in our region. 

Our recommendations:


For climbers and hikers the paradise – With its 60m high rocks, it is a popular area for climbing Fexen! 150 different climbing routes guarantee variety. 

Hintersteiner Lake:

Off to the cool water: This turquoise-blue natural jewel in the middle of the Wilder Kaiser nature reserve offers a small piece of the Caribbean. It is one of the clearest and cleanest lakes in Austria and is ideal for swimming or as a starting point for various hikes. 

Hexenwasser Söll:

For big and small, for fit mountain goers but also for families with baby carriages or for wheelchair users, this world of experience is easy for ANYONE. Very close to our hotel you can reach the lift “Keat” which brings you directly to this excursion destination – fun guaranteed for the whole family! This theme park is all about the element of water. You can experience the power and beauty of mountain water with all your senses. The goal is to raise awareness of the value of water. In the 60 humid stations there are many opportunities in the water for splashing and to Pritschlen, for big and small water rats. At the hearth and the stone grinding you can prove their skill. On the barefoot path, you will see nature again with all your senses. This world of experience opens up special moments, you feel connected to nature and very grounded and everyday life just moves into the distance for a few hours. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the summer!

Your Hotel Tyrol – Team!

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