The yearly cattle procession “Almabtrieb” at Wilder Kaiser

Every year at the beginning of autumn, the cattle procession „Almabtrieb” takes place in the Wilder Kaiser region as well as in the entire region of the alps. Without a doubt a big highlight in late summer in the Austrian Alps.

The alpine summer lasts about 100 days for the cows. 100 days on which the animals eat themselves full on the lush green mountain meadows and are looked after by shepherds every day.

Since hundreds of years the cattle is walked down in the valley into their stables. This tradition is still lived and celebrated today.

For the cattle procession in late summer, the animals are adorned with colorful wreaths and walk back into the valley with their loud bells. The traditional wreath of various mountain flowers, mountain pine, silver thistle and colorful ribbons is an indispensable part of the cattle procession.

Once in the valley, the cows are returned to their owners. Even if it may seem that every cow looks the same, they always find their right way home.

The “Almabtrieb” is a spectacle you definitely have to see. Unfortunately, the cattle procession festival in Söll doesn’t take place this year, but therefore we’re even more excited for next year when the cows are walked down to the villages again.

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