Experience the largest e-bike region in the world!

With the e-bike around the Wilder Kaiser?

In order to explore the summits of Tyrol in a different way than on foot, in a long-winded and sweaty way, you need a saddle – not the saddle on the back of a horse, but the saddle of a modern e-bike. Söll is one of the world’s largest e-bike region “Kitzbühel Alps and Kaisergebirge” – with 275 electric bicycles and 75 rental and battery changing stations. 350 km of cycling and mountain bike trails make every heart of nature beat faster. Our versatile terrain, the wonderful ambience in the cozy huts and the fantastic view of the mountains of Tyrol are the ideal conditions to make a small Radl holiday with us.

If you do not feel very comfortable exploring the mountains alone and would like to reach the really beautiful spots in an unknown area, you can rely on the guide on our guided e-bike tours and certainly the most beautiful places in our area explore.

For very sporty ones:

It’s sometimes worth putting aside the tried-and-true “normal” bike and trying out the new generation of e-bikes. Even if you could climb the peaks by yourself! Because in this way you can perceive and discover the beautiful landscape in and around Söll, the Wilder Kaiser and nature around with a lightness and freedom and is not sweaty and completely out of breath.

Due to its exceptional location, Söll offers a variety of tour opportunities for cyclists who want to explore nature in a pleasurable way. Either along the villages, on mountain trails or in one of the many romantic side valleys, which are also ideal for family trips, lead gentle paths that invite you to switch off.

With us in the village bikes are available for every need to borrow – from normal mountain bikes to e-mountain bikes and city e-bikes!

Do not forget: e-biking is cycling with a tailwind!

We look forward to you!

Your Hotel-Tyrol Team!

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