The Fascinating History of Skiing in Söll

Today, SkiWelt is one of the largest and most modern ski areas in the world. What was once scoffed at is now considered a model for ski area mergers. Year after year, the facilities were expanded and modernized, new slopes were created, and more and more experiences were offered.

The first joint ticket was introduced in 1973/74, before the merger to form the “SkiGrossraum Wilder Kaiser – Brixental” took place in 1977. Overnight, SkiWelt became the largest interconnected ski area in Austria and one of the largest in the world.

In addition to expanding infrastructure, sustainable interaction with the environment has also been a central theme. SkiWelt has been powered exclusively by 100% green electricity for many years. The same 100% green electricity and pure drinking water are used for snow production. Thanks to these and many other projects, SkiWelt has been repeatedly awarded as the ecological ski area of the year.

SkiWelt is a perfect example of how innovation, community, and sustainability can work together to create a successful and future-oriented ski destination.

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